Hello Naan Pei Pesurean


This is the season of ghosts and spirits who have come to invade the glamor world. From one ghost film a month to we have arrived at 2-3 ‘spirit’ful films a week. In this week’s quota we have Baskar of Naalaya Iyakkunar fame debuting as director in Hello Naan Pei Pesuren (HNPP) produced by Sundar C.

At a time, when we have films with no major connect between the content and the title, here is HNPP that at least gives you an inkling of what to expect from the film or in simple words we can roughly gauge the mode of the ghost attack.

This is an age of smart phones and it is only fair that our filmmakers are in tune with the technological advancements and therefore in Baskar’s HNPP, a smartphone plays a pivotal role in ghost communication.

Vaibhav, a small time crook falls in love with Aishwarya Rajesh, sister of VTV Ganesh who runs a school that teaches dance. Hold on! It is not the usual dance that you are thinking.

He is a specialist in Saavu Kuthu numbers and is an exponent in various sub-genres in it! After all, this is also DANCE you see!!! There is a small issue that Vaibhav has to clear to claim Aishwarya Rajesh’s hands. And this sets the ball rolling for the story of HNPP to unfold.

The makers have attempted to narrate a story with horror/humor genre, but HNPP neither terrorizes you nor makes you roll on the floor writhing in laughter. It kind of takes a middle path which appeals in segments.

The ghost portion gets headway almost close to the interval and till then the film travels on a very flat terrain with nothing interesting happening on screen but for the animated kuthu number from Aishwarya Rajesh.

Baskar is able to establish some kind of interest in the story after VTV Ganesh makes his appearance. But even then, it is not like we are going to be catching our tummy in laughter but an on and off amusing moments do come in when Ganesh comes in to Vaibhav’s house.

The scene of Singam Puli, the saamiyar with a 5 Star rating in ghost-eviction, is funny. Karunakaran is more of a passive spectator. His flashback song narration is actually enjoyable. There is Oviya, Yogi Babu and Jaangiri Madhumitha who do their parts fine.

Technically, HNPP does not boast of over the top contributions but all the same they are just about adequate to the narrative. Vijay Sethupathi has rendered a promo kind of number.

If you belong to that group who occasionally visits the theatre, HNPP could give you some light moments but less thrills.

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